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Related Securities for Parent Company: GM

    Symbol Security Exchange
    GMB* American Corporate Accruals, ACARS Callable Prin Receipts GM 8.10% Debentures AMEX
    GM General Motors Co. NYSE
    GM-B* General Motors Co., 4.75% Series B Mand Conv Junior Preferred Stock 12/1/2013 NYSE
    GM+B* General Motors Co., Warrant expires 7/10/2019 NYSE
    GRM** General Motors Corp., 1.50% Series D Convertible Senior Debentures due 6/1/2009 NYSE
    GMW General Motors Corp., 7.25% QUIBS Quarterly Interest Bonds due 4/15/2041 NYSE
    RGM General Motors Corp., 7.25% Senior Notes due 2/15/2052 NYSE
    XGM General Motors Corp., 7.25% Senior Notes due 7/15/2041 NYSE
    HGM General Motors Corp., 7.375% Senior Notes due 10/1/2051 NYSE
    BGM General Motors Corp., 7.375% Senior Notes due 5/15/2048 NYSE
    GMS* General Motors Corp., 7.50% Senior Notes due 7/01/2044 NYSE
    GXM General Motors, 4.50% Series A Convertible Senior Debentures due 3/6/2032 NYSE
    GBM General Motors, 5.25% Series B Convertible Senior Debentures due 3/5/2032 NYSE
    GPM* General Motors, 6.25% Series C Convertible Senior Debentures due 7/15/2033 NYSE
    TEMP23 GM Financial Company, Inc. Fixed-Rate Reset Cumulative Preferred Stock, Ser C
    GKM* GMAC LLC, 7.25% Notes due 2/7/2033 NYSE
    GMA* GMAC LLC, 7.30% PINES Public Income Notes due 3/9/2031 NYSE
    GJM* GMAC LLC, 7.35% Notes due 8/8/2032 NYSE
    GOM* GMAC LLC, 7.375% Notes due 12/16/2044 NYSE
    CCYPQ* Lehman ABS Corp Bkd Trust Certs 2001-08, 7.375% General Motors OTOTC
    MTLQU Motors Liquidation Co. GUC Trust OTOTC
    WAC.F* Wachovia Corp. 19.25% Enh Yield Securities General Motors Corp. due 7/10/2007 AMEX

    * Symbols ending with an asterisk are obsolete and no longer trading on the markets.

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