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Maintaining the QuantumOnline.com (QOL) website each year takes a significant amount of time and money and we need your support to continue providing up-to-date investment information. Currently, less than 10% of QuantumOnline.com website users actually support the website financially by making a contribution, a number that should be significanly higher. If you have not made any contribution to the website, or have not contributed recently, we strongly encourage you to support the website by making a contribution today. QuantumOnline.com is 100% funded by its user community, so your contribution is important to the continued operation of the website and future enhancements.

Therefore, we are asking our QuantumOnline.com users to contribute one or more donations on an annual basis to support the website. Our suggested contributions are $75, $100, $125, $150, or higher amount per year. We have also have QOL users who contribute between $200 and $1000 - amounts for which we are greatly appreciative. In selecting a donation amount, we would like you to consider how often you use the QuantumOnline website and the value of our income investing information to you in improving the income from your investment portfolio. As a comparison to these suggested amounts, subscriptions to the PreferredsOnline website are currently $29.95 per month or $295 per year.

QuantumOnline is supported solely by user contributions. If you would like to ensure that the QuantumOnline.com website is maintained and expanded, then we need a contribution from you. To make a contribution via PayPal or a credit card, click on the PayPal button below. To make a contribution by check, please click on the link below to go to a check contribution page where can fill in the requested information, print the page, and mail your check to us.

QuantumOnline.com is not a 501c3 nonprofit as defined by the IRS. Whether your contribution to QuantumOnline.com is tax deductible depends on your individual circumstances. Please consult a tax advisor with any questions.

Contribution via Zelle

If you wish to make your contribution via Zelle (zellepay.com), please send the contribution to our email: contribute@QuantumOnline.com. Many banks now offer Zelle payments to be made from their online banking websites, and smartphone apps. Zelle is similar to an ACH transfer. The Zelle app is also available at no charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Contribution via Venmo

If you wish to make your contribution by Venmo, please send the contribution to @QuantumOnline. NOTE: The @QuantumOnline username is case sensitive, so you must type it exactly as shown. The Venmo app is available at no charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Contribution by PayPal

If you wish to make your QuantumOnline Supporter payment by PayPal, please click on the PayPal button below to go to the PayPal site to complete your PayPal contribution. This option also allows users to setup recurring monthly contributions.

A NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL USERS: When using the PayPal button above, you might encounter a problem when trying to make a contribution to QuantumOnline.com from outside the United States. This issue only impacts a small number of countries. QuantumOnline.com is setup to receive international payments. The issue is generated solely by PayPal's system, not by QuantumOnline.com. The message may read something like "Donations to this recipient aren't supported in this country". The workaround for this issue is to bypass the Donation form above, go to your PayPal account, and send a payment directly to "contribute@quantumonline.com". This issue should not impact users in the United States.

Contribution by Google Pay or Credit Card

If you wish to make your QuantumOnline Supporter payment by Google Pay, or by credit card, please click on the button below to go to the Square.com website to complete your contribution.

Contribution by Check

If you wish to make your contribution by check, click here for our contributor form (mailing address is at the top of the form).

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