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About QuantumOnline.com

The QuantumOnline.com (QOL) website is an outgrowth of Quantum Investment Service (QIS), a private investment advisory firm established in the late 1980's in Miami, Florida which then moved to its present location in Kalispell, Montana in 1993. QIS offered personalized investment management services, primarily to friends, relatives and neighbors of Donald W. (Don) Doan, the founder and a registered investment advisor.

The QuantumOnline.com (QOL) website begin in 1997 as an adjunct to the investment management service of Quantum Investment Service. The original purpose of the website was to provide access to online information on QIS investment holdings for internal QIS use. The website quickly got out of hand and rapidly expanded until it provided general information on all listed securities on all of the major stock markets. QOL operated as a general investment website between 1997 and 2001.

In October 2001, an investment advisor from Vancouver, Washington recommended the QuantumOnline website in the Wall Street Journal as the best source on the Internet for preferred stock information. When we started up the computers the morning of the WSJ article, we had a deluge of emails about the preferred stock list and the website. The preferred stock list referred to in the article was a single list containing the ticker symbol, security name and exchange of the preferred stocks we had ran across in our general security listing activities. Each individual security on the list had a single link to our regular security information page which at that point provided a very minimal amount of information on the preferred, essentially just the issuer's name and the securities coupon rate. By the reaction to the WSJ article, it was obvious that there was a distinct lack of information on income investments on the Internet and that a considerable number of investors needed information on income investments.

At that point, the QuantumOnline website begin to concentrate exclusively on providing information for income investors. Since then, the information offered by QuantumOnline for income investors has been constantly expanded to our current offerings - a trend that continues today and will continue into the future. The website now offers information on every known exchange-traded income investment plus information on the semi-related Wall Street special products. The information offered on each individual security includes a detailed description of the security plus all the quick reference data offered via the tables and lists.

The QuantumOnline website is unique among financial websites in that it doesn't use datafeeds from other sources (except for price quotes which we obtain from a quote service). Essentially all data provided by QuantumOnline is derived from issuer or company sources such as SEC filings, company websites, company news releases, and company financial reports. The information is entered manually for each and every security. Each individual security is also manually coded in a variety of ways to provide QOL with a unique ability to provide the variety of tables and lists which we now offer.

QuantumOnline.com is currently operated out of Kalispell, Montana, the gateway to Glacier National Park, in Northwest Montana. Quantum Investment Service no longer accepts new management services clients as our time is now completely taken up by the operation, updating and expansion of the QuantumOnline website.

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