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New Investment Security Email Alert Service

We have started to develop a subscription email service whose primary function will be to provide QOL users with advance notice via email, probably on a weekly basis each Monday morning, of most new preferred, income and special product issues coming to the market. The notice will, in particular, provide a link to the preliminary prospectus (the red herring) for the new securities. In addition, the email service will provide notice of recently issued income securities, securities recently listed on an exchange, and recently called issues. The email service subscribers will also have access to a special table on the website that will list new securities as we add them to the database. This table will give subscribers access to information on any new securities added to the database between weekly emails. Our current thoughts on a subscription price for the service is $100 per year.

The advance notice available for the to-be-issued securities varies widely. It can range anywhere from a couple of days to two or more months and at least at this point is totally unpredictable. In some cases there is no advance notice and our first indication of a security is when it actually is issued. QuantumOnline has no control over the amount of advanced notice available and can only provide the amount of notice that is provided by the underwriters.

If that type of email service sounds like it might be of interest to you, let us know via the feedback page below and we will put you on our list of people to be notified when the service is available (which will probably be a couple months). Also, please let us know of any comments or suggestions you have regarding this prospective new service.

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