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Lehman ABS Corp Bkd Trust Certs 2004-03, Floating Rate DaimlerChrysler
Ticker Symbol: JZD*     CUSIP: 21988K339     Exchange: NYSE
Security Type:   Third Party Trust Preferred
* NOTE: This security is no longer trading as of 6/12/2007

Security has been Called for:  Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jun 7, 2007 -- U.S. Bank Trust National Association, as Trustee, under the Standard Terms for Trust Agreements dated as of January 16, 2001, as supplemented by the Series Supplement, DaimlerChrysler Debenture-Backed Series 2004-3 Trust, dated as of February 11, 2004 in respect of the Corporate Backed Trust Certificates, DaimlerChrysler Debenture-Backed Series 2004-3 with Lehman ABS Corporation, as depositor, received notice that the call warrant holder has exercised its right to purchase the assets of the Trust on June 12, 2007. THE EXERCISE OF THE CALL WARRANTS IS CONDITIONAL UPON RECEIPT BY THE TRUSTEE OF THE WARRANT EXERCISE CALL PRICE WITH RESPECT TO SUCH EXERCISE ON THE REDEMPTION DATE. THERE CAN BE NO ASSURANCE THAT THE CALL WARRANTS WILL IN FACT BE EXERCISED ON THE REDEMPTION DATE. If the Trustee receives the call price by 10:00 a.m. (New York City time) on the Redemption Date, then the certificates issued by the Trust will be redeemed in full on the Redemption Date at a price of $25 principal plus $0.36579306 accrued interest to the Redemption Date per Trust Certificate. No interest will accrue on the Certificates after the Redemption Date. If the Trustee does not receive the Call Price, then (i) the Certificates issued by the Trust will continue to accrue interest as if no exercise notice had been given and (ii) the call warrant holder may elect to deliver a conditional notice of exercise in the future. This press release is being issued by U.S. Bank Trust National Association as trustee of the Trust. For more information about this conditional redemption, please contact David J. Kolibachuk of U.S. Bank Trust National Association at 212-361-2459.

QUANTUMONLINE.COM SECURITY DESCRIPTION:  Lehman ABS Corp., Floating Rate Corporate Backed Trust Certificates, DaimlerChrysler Debenture-Backed Series 2004-3, Class A-1, price to the public $25 per certificate. Underlying securities are the 7.45% Debentures due 3/01/2027 issued by Chrysler Corp., predecessor to DiamlerChrysler Corp. (NYSE: DCX). The certificates pay an initial 4.63% ($1.1575) per annum distributions and thereafter a floating rate, semiannually on 3/1 & 9/1 to holders of record on the day immediately preceding the payment date. The floating rate will be reset of each payment date and will be equal to the Ten-Year USD-ISDA-Swap rate. Certificates are callable at the option of the call warrant holder on or after 2/11/2009 at $25 per certificate plus accrued and unpaid interest. Certificate ratings at the IPO were BBB by S&P and A3 by Moody's. Lehman ABS Corp. is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Lehman Brothers Inc. (NYSE: LEH). For further information on the Corporate Backed Trust Certificates, see the IPO Prospectus by clicking on the ‘Link to IPO Prospectus’ provided below.
Cpn Rate
Ann Amt
Call Date
Matur Date
Distribution Dates 15%
Tax Rate
Called for

Baa1 BBB
3/1 & 9/1
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IPO - 2/10/2004 - 1.00 Million Certificates @ $25.00/cert.    Link to IPO Prospectus
Market Value $25.0 Million

Company's Online Information Links
HOME PAGE:     http://www.lehman.com/

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Company's Online SEC EDGAR Filings
Company's SEC EDGAR Filings Go to SEC Filings

Address and Phone Numbers
Address:   200 Vesey Street, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10285
Main Phone Number 212-526-7000
Fax Number 212-526-3738
Toll Free Phone Number 800-666-2388

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