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Related Securities for Parent Company: CTL

    Symbol Security Exchange
    CTL CenturyLink, Inc. NYSE
    CTL-A* CenturyTel, Inc., 6.875% Equity Units due 5/15/05 NYSE
    EQ* Embarq Corp. NYSE
    FJA* ML Depositor PPLUS Trust 7.10% Embarq Corp. Certificates EQ-1 NYSE
    PKH* ML Depositor PreferredPlus 7.75% Qwest Commun Certificates QWS-1 NYSE
    PJA* ML Depositor PreferredPlus 8.00% Qwest Capital Certificates QWS-2 NYSE
    Q* Qwest Communications Intl, Inc. NYSE
    CTY Qwest Corporation, 6.125% Notes due 6/1/2053 NYSE
    CTBB Qwest Corporation, 6.50% Notes due 9/1/2056 NYSE
    CTZ Qwest Corporation, 6.625% Notes due 9/15/2055 NYSE
    CTDD Qwest Corporation, 6.75% Notes due 6/15/2057 NYSE
    CTV* Qwest Corporation, 6.875% Notes due 10/1/2054 NYSE
    CTAA Qwest Corporation, 7.00% Notes due 2/1/2056 NYSE
    CTX* Qwest Corporation, 7.00% Notes due 4/1/2052 NYSE
    CTU* Qwest Corporation, 7.00% Notes due 7/1/2052 NYSE
    CTQ* Qwest Corporation, 7.375% Notes due 6/1/2051 NYSE
    CTW* Qwest Corporation, 7.50% Notes due 9/15/2051 NYSE
    KCW* Structured Products CorTS, US West Communications, 7.5% Certificates NYSE

    * Symbols ending with an asterisk are obsolete and no longer trading on the markets.

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