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Whiting USA Trust II
Ticker Symbol: WHZT     CUSIP: 966388100     Exchange: OTOTC
Security Type:   U.S. Royalty Trust

BUSINESS:  Whiting USA Trust II was formed in December 2011 by Whiting Petroleum Corporation to own a term net profits interest in certain long-lived, predominantly producing properties located primarily in the Rocky Mountains, Permian Basin, Gulf Coast and Mid-Continent regions of the United States. The net profits interest will entitle the trust to receive 90% of the net proceeds from Whiting’s interests in the underlying properties after the effective date of the conveyance of the net profits interest to the trust. The trust will make quarterly cash distributions of substantially all of its quarterly cash receipts of net proceeds attributable to the trust, after deduction of fees and expenses for administration of the trust, to holders of its trust units during the term of the net profits interest. The net profits interest will terminate on the later to occur of (1) December 31, 2021, or (2) the time when 11.79 MMBOE have been produced from the underlying properties and sold (which is the equivalent of 10.61 MMBOE in respect of the trust’s right to receive 90% of the net proceeds from such reserves pursuant to the net profits interest), subject to certain specified exceptions.

IPO - 3/23/2012 - 16.00 Million Units @ $20.00/unit.    Link to IPO Prospectus
Previous Ticker Symbol: WHZ    Changed: 1/06/16
Small Cap Stock -   Market Value $ 368 Million

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Company's Online Information Links
HOME PAGE:     http://www.whiting.com/
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Address and Phone Numbers
Address:   1700 Broadway, Suite 2300, Denver, CO 80290
Main Phone Number 303-837-1661
Fax Number Not Available
Investor Contact (Trustee)   Mike Ulrick 512-236-6599
Toll Free Phone Number 888-269-9515

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