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MetLife, Inc.
Ticker Symbol: MET     CUSIP: 59156R108     Exchange: NYSE

Company's Online Profile
BUSINESS:  MetLife, Inc. is a leading provider of insurance and other financial services to millions of individual and institutional customers throughout the United States. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife, Inc. offers life insurance, annuities, automobile and homeowner's insurance and retail banking services to individuals, as well as group insurance, reinsurance and retirement and savings products and services to corporations and other institutions. Outside the U.S., the MetLife companies have direct insurance operations in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe.
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IPO - 4/6/2000 - 202.00 Million Shares @ $14.25/share.    Link to IPO Prospectus
Large Cap Stock -   Market Value $ 45 Billion

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Address and Phone Numbers
Address:   200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166
Main Phone Number 212-578-2211
Fax Number 212-578-3320
Investor Relations   John McCallion 212-578-7888
Toll Free Phone Number 800-638-5433
CEO - C. Robert Henrikson CFO - William J. Wheeler

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