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F.N.B. Corp.
Ticker Symbol: FBAN*     CUSIP: Unknown*      Exchange: NNM
* If you know the CUSIP number for this security, please let us know.
Security Type:   Bank Holding Company
* Symbol changed!! New symbol: FNB as of 12/17/03

Company's Online Profile
BUSINESS:  F.N.B. Corporation is a diversified financial services company headquartered in Naples, Florida. The company owns and operates traditional community banks, insurance agencies, a consumer finance company and First National Trust Company. It has full-service offices located in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Tennessee.

Large Cap Stock -   Market Value $ 1.3 Billion

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HOME PAGE:     http://www.fnbcorporation.com/
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Address and Phone Numbers
Address:   2150 Goodlette Road North, Naples, FL 34102
Main Phone Number 800-262-7600
Fax Number Not Available
Corporate Communications   Clay W. Cone 941-436-1676
Toll Free Phone Number 800-262-7600
CHR - Peter Mortensen CEO - Gary L. Tice CFO - Thomas E. Fahey

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