A Quick Start on QuantumOnline (Income Investments, Basics of Income Investing, Help Selecting Investments)

This quick start introduction to QuantumOnline.com should allow new users of the QuantumOnline (QOL) website to quickly become familiar with the basic features of QuantumOnline. The few minutes a new user of QuantumOnline will spend with this introduction should pay off rapidly by allowing the new QOL user to quickly understand and access the most important basic features of the QuantumOnline website.

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Income Investing - The purpose of the QuantumOnline website is to assist the income investor in selecting good income investments from the wide variety of income investments available on the stock markets. If your purpose in investing is to generate high current income from at least a portion of your investment portfolio then you have come to the right place.

Looking for Specific Income Securities - If you are looking for information on specific income securities by ticker symbol, CUSIP number or by name, the Quick Search in the upper left hand corner on the screen will help you find them. The Quick Search offers three types of searches - by Ticker Symbol, by CUSIP Number or a Symbol Lookup search.

Looking for Good Income Investments - If you just want to find some good income investments, then you want to use our tables of securities which are listed under the Income Tables menu at the top of any page. The tables list every known security of the particular type and can be sorted by various data items (coupon rates, ratings, IPO dates, etc.). Before trying to use the tables, you need to take the time to understand what the tables offer and how they work. So, move your mouse over the "Income Tables" at the top of the page.

Income Investing Basics - If you are new to income investing and would like information on the basics of income investing, at this point you might want to review our Income Investing Basics page which can be found under the Information menu at the top of any page.

Try Using the Tables to find Income Investments - Now you should try using a table to find some good income investments. To do so, move the mouse cursor to the Income Tables menu at the top of any page, and then click on the Table Descriptions selection at the top of the menu. Now select a table that looks interesting to you from the nine available tables and click on the underlined heading for that table.

If you read our Income Investing Basics page, you know to start the security selection process with a few basic selection criteria.

By now you should be able to see that there are lots of interesting income investment possibilities to select from. If you take the attitude that there is no perfect selection you will make your life easier. Just select some securities that you are comfortable with. Remember that a little extra income is not worth it if you have difficulty sleeping at night because you selected a questionable security due to its paying a little higher dividend. If you are going to make a mistake, make it on the side of safety. One final thought is that you definitely need to diversify your investments. If you pick one bad security out of 30 it's a minor problem. But picking one bad selection when you have only two or three securities in your portfolio can be a real problem. So be sure to diversify your income investment portfolio by purchasing 10, 20, or even 30 different securities and make sure that they are from different companies in a variety of industries (i.e. industrials, utilities, banks, REITS, etc.).

Information on Income Investing - If you have questions or need information on income investing and income investments, see the Information menu at the top of any page. Clicking on the Information Page Descriptions selection at the top of the Information menu will produce a page describing the content of each individual information page. Once you have looked over and used the various tables, especially when you have questions, you should return to the Information pages for answers.

For Help in Selecting Income Investments - If you wish for some help in selecting income investments, QuantumOnline offers subscriptions to the Forbes/Fridson Income Securities Investor Newsletter published by Martin Fridson, the Chief Investment Officer at Lehmann Livian Fridson Advisors, LLC. See the Forbes/Fridson Newsletter selection under the Services menu at the top of any page.

Take the Tour of QuantumOnline - This quick start introduction offers a way to quickly become familiar with some of the basics of the income investing information on the QuantumOnline website. When you decide that you wish to become familiar with all of the features of the QuantumOnline website, you should take the complete Tour of QuantumOnline which can be found by clicking on the Using QOL button at the bottom of any page.


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