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Related Securities for Parent Company: PPL

    Symbol Security Exchange
    PPL-D* PP&L Capital Trust II, 8.10% TOPrS Trust Orig Preferred Securities NYSE
    PPL-C* PP&L Capital Trust, 8.20% TOPrS Trust Orig Preferred Securities NYSE
    PPL-E* PPL Capital Funding Trust I, 7 3/4% PEPS Units due 5/18/04 NYSE
    PPX PPL Capital Funding, 5.90% 2013 Series B Jr Subordinated Notes due 4/30/2073 NYSE
    PLV* PPL Capital Funding, 6.85% Senior Notes due 7/1/2047 NYSE
    PPL-F* PPL Capital Funding, 7 3/4% Series B PEPS Units due 5/18/2004 NYSE
    PPL PPL Corp. NYSE
    PPL-W* PPL Corp., 8.75% Equity Units NYSE
    PPL-U* PPL Corp., 9.50% Equity Units NYSE
    PLEUL* PPL Electric Utilities Corp., 3.35% Series Cumul Preferred Stock OTOTC
    PPL-B* PPL Electric Utilities Corp., 4 1/2% Cumul Preferred Stock NYSE
    PPL-A* PPL Electric Utilities Corp., 4.40% Series Preferred Stock NYSE
    PLEUP* PPL Electric Utilities Corp., 4.60% Series Preferred Stock OTOTC
    PLEUK* PPL Electric Utilities Corp., 6.25% Dep Shares, Non-Cumulative Preference Stock OTOTC
    PLS** PPL Energy Supply LLC, 7.0% Senior Notes due 7/15/2046 NYSE

    * Symbols ending with an asterisk are obsolete and no longer trading on the markets.

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